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24" Rosette wreath

24" Rosette wreath

SKU: 364215376135191

24" rosette wreath is one of our more popular options.  I will need 110 to 135 rosettes in the colors that you want in the wreath.  If you have large rosettes (diameter more than 4") you may not need as many.  This wreath is actually about 31" wide when finished depending on how large your rosettes are.  Don't forget to put your special ribbons (to hang from wreath) in a baggie.


Rosette wreaths come in 5 sizes:

12"  Need 20-30 rosettes   $75

16" Need 30-50 rosettes  $100

18" Need 50-75 rosettes  $125

20" Need 75-110 rosettes  $150

24" Need 100-135 rosettes  $175


    Each wreath I make is totally custom per your wishes.  If you have a particular pattern you would like, let me know.  This 24" wreath can be heavy.  I put 3 hangers on the back so that it can be supported on the sides as well.  

    My custom wreaths do best when not in direct sunlight.  It will last for many, many years if you keep it inside.  This size is a showpiece size and will knock your socks off!


    We do not allow returns because this is a totally custom item made from your ribbons.

    If you are unhappy with your wreath for any reason, please let me know and I will attempt to correct things.


    Shipping is an additional cost.  Normally, shipping ranges from $15 to $150.  I usually ship UPS.  If you are on the east coast and have a smaller size wreath shipping seems to be less than $50.  Shipping to the west coast is usually more than $50.  It all depends on the size of the box and where you live.  

    If it helps...  shipping plus the wreath is usually less than a weekend show.


    Print the order form and follow the directions on the form.  The order forms are located in the picture section.  

    I would recommend putting your ribbons in a bag (trash bag works fine) inside the box, just to protect them a little better.  Please make sure your special ribbons (to hang from wreath) are in a baggie and marked.

    Put your ribbons in a box with the completed form and mail them to me in South Carolina.  Please also include a deposit of $50.  If you would like to Venmo, Cashapp or Zelle your deposit to me, just let me know.

Color in wreath: Send rosettes in the colors you want in wreath
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